<>  Some time ago, I met a former city colleague, IZABELA SALAJAN who brought me to the attention of the medical situation of his brother, GEORGHE FILIPCIUC. For some time is paralyzed from the waist down.

<>  So I remembered the friends / acquaintances that go to the mountains or nature, who defied death in accidents on the mountain or in other places, but some … „gone”.

<>  Finished the competition in Piatra Mare Seven stairs – Piatra Mare mountains. It was in September of 1996. We say goodbye to fellow participants from other counties, go home, and will meet again in two weeks at the next contest. So we all hope, but… My team colleague, DORU TURCUS one morning in the same month, comes to me bringing me the sad news. MARIUS BENDEA, the city Lonea of Hunedoara, Red Tape club member, died in an accident in the mine. I first thought it was a joke, but… it was only a joke. Everyone in Arad city and other cities, friends on the mountain, I was at the funeral and perhaps the most painful moment was when leaving the coffin into the pit behind us we heard the trumpet favorite song „El Paso del Condor”. Not that I ‘ve been to see him in his coffin, nor the pit. Remembering curly blond hair and smile, I will always accompany the mountain. Perhaps the most difficult was among the hiking colleague, “PISTI”, which continue to go to the mountains. But passed over this time, knowing that somewhere up there, MARIUS smiles.

<>  I find that it was a car accident near Timisoara city and individuals involved, not the one who caused the accident, but the victim is a friend, DANIEL BOARIU. Incidentally we see in the city, everything is OK with it, we just funny that the city was not injured and the mountains, and in the end we do plan to meet at beach this weekend to come. Missing from this fun group and a few days later I meet a mutual acquaintance who gives me the sad news. DANIEL is paralyzed from the neck down, was even two weeks in a coma. From then until about three years or accident took place in 2000, I had the power to pass him. Maybe he is known, his girlfriend CARMEN STEPAN, participated in some contests and even took first place. He told me something before going on Mont Blanc: „Each of us has a dream. You – to climb Mont Blanc and ME – to do the surgery and I could go”. I did my dream and DANIEL made ​​that surgery, it is better, but… still remained in bed. Even so, his optimism is unparalleled. All respect DANIEL! There will come the time when two of us we make a mountain out.

<>  As is known, on the Nera keys – Aninei mountains,  can meet some vipers friendly and without aggressive intentions. As it was for KRISTIAN KRIHORKA. He grabbed her, but not bitten (in contrast, remained fairly marked KRISTIAN meeting with viper). If viper was OK, Retezat mountains was the problem for him. In the spring of 2009 in preparation for a tour of Mont Blanc, while trails through the Peleaga peak 2509m – Retezat mountains, the saddle joy, slipped and went to the bottom, the lake Bucura. “Luckily” fellows were hiking on stage and rushed to help, KRISTIAN suffered an open fracture to the thigh. Perhaps the most important moment was using came from DUNCA DAN who was helischi and that the emergency transport helicopter in Timisoara city. KRISTIAN recovered, has a titanium rod in his thigh (we had fun together, can lead to a REMAT!, You will do well), but did not give up outs on the mountain, nor the dream climbing on Mont Blanc.

<>  Those who have been in the cottage Gentiana – Retezat mountain, when it was not modern, maybe you’ve met LUDOVIC MARINCAS. Unfortunately years and a terrible affliction have taken from us. But as long as I had the chance to talk and I asked for some advice, I had a lot to learn. I’ll remember a funny coincidence, I do not take into account the difference in age and address with HEY „LOLO”… Until hiking first colleague and friend, SIGISMUND BESENYEI gave me a light slap over head. Since for proper me, was and will remain the UNCLE LOLO. SIGISMUND who encouraged me in what concerns the mountain, it can not go as they want on the mountain. But when I came off the Mont Blanc and saw the movie on top, I asked, „Why did you cry on top ?”. I tried to answer him, I stopped and said „I do not have to tell me, I understand !”. Therefore, when you do an exit or pass through Petrosani city on Jiului valley, we review, we point some out together, even if it has minor medical problems, but… All the time you look in the eyes, they shine and enjoy the mountain when it comes to know they would see again Retezat mountains, SIGISMUND great’s mountain love.

<>  Retezatul an otherwise great mountain, he took a man who was cerdincios, OVIDIU NECULA good friend and colleague of hiking with my brother-in-law, ILIE PREDA. When I met him the first time I introduced my brother-in-law and had a surprised reaction when I told him my name: OVIDIU. Since then, they go to the mountains or when I was in two outings in „outside” the country, he said only this: „Attention to the mountains”. Some time has stopped going to the mountains, but… inevitably continue to go to the mountains and go each year to the place where the accident occurred.

<>  This is the most painful moment when they lose colleague hiking or climbing in an accident. We stop it going to the mountains, fear arises… but after some time we continue our exit, go through places that have been with us and we gladly remember this. At the end of any successful ascents by us, in the place where the dead or injured who most loved that person (or simply an ascent) dedicates success. We know and we are sure that up there, smile and understand us.

<>  My ascent on Mont Blanc success in 2007, i dedicated to DANIEL BOARIU, My brother-in-law ILIE dedicated successful ascent on Chachani peak 6075m in Peru, OVIDIU NECULA, and may each of us have done this once…

<>  After I came out of Africa of Kilimanjaro in 2009, I enjoyed with family and friends / acquaintances. But mirth lasted until early this year… a very good friend of mine DACIAN BESENYEI (SIGISMUND boy’s), him girl RALUCA was diagnosed with a terrible disease, leukemia. I went to DACIAN on the mountain and mountain specific competitions, we enjoyed some family events together, we are the future plans will go to the mountain just me DACIAN and our girls, my daughter EDELINE and daughter’s RALUCA. But… This word! Should not be used in certain contexts, because me and DACIAN, our families, friends and acquaintances, I think the situation is only a small time, no problem, and RALUCA It’s good, but after a while we we enjoy seeing them backpacking and asking us, „When we go to the mountains???”.

<>  I know the family GUREANU, GABRIELA and DOREL, and was very much on the mountain together, but not until 2009, I learned their family situation. Their son, PAUL, has autism. Unfortunately, in Arad city and Romania, for this disease does not really do anything or are ignored by some officials who are able to help, but perhaps the worst thing, society and the „people” shy away from people with such medical situation. I was amazed and still am amazed by GUREANU family because they continue to live life and intensity, „ignoring” in one way or another this situation.

<>  And I came to where we started. A skiing accident on a trail in Italy has led to injury my brother’s former colleagues. Doctors do not really give / gave hope to return in the lower body, but even so, GHEORGHE he thinks/believe!!! Not only hope, believe and are convinced that it will do well and go back to skiing, mountain or in nature without using the cart. It has helped support the family, friends and acquaintances, and through its way of looking at this little situation of the moment, shows strong character!

<>  I’ve heard of other accidents on the mountain and I knew right people involved, who were able to give details. Those who survived the accident, but are bedridden or in wheelchairs, or have a situation in time to move on their own, moved on beyond this incident and continue to live their lives, watch the mountains and know that the time would come when they walk again MOUNTAIN NATURE or will go! I know the situation they have and perhaps for some, unfortunately can not do anything, but even so, talk and meet with them, you will change your mind about… LIFE.

<>  Their optimism and strength to ignore situations that they are great.

<>  Even the last time I heard anything about another friend, ALIN TOTOREAN who made ​​solitary crossing from west to east in Mongolia, was in India and Morocco, crossed the famous Australian desert from south to north, or incursion in Patagonia. Now unfortunately also has a medical situation, but as we know, this will not prevent him to abandon the solitary expeditions in the future…

<>  Finally, can be taken as advice from them… To continue to go to nature and the mountains, to smell a flower and fresh air, watch a sunrise or sunset, to listen as the wind, taste the clean water spring or berries, to live our lives as we were given, it is the most beautiful gift from GOD GOOD !

<>  And, through our walk, to remember them so, for those who are currently taking some small cases, to be sure that they will come to us in nature and the mountains and for those who are no longer with us… a prayer and a smile!!!.

<>  This article was published on 30.06.2011, but after a while I learned from a very good friend OTILIA JULEAN, the way we need to look at some point in life, not just happiness.

<>  Do not say you have a problem / problem for so suggest that you can no longer do anything. You say that you have a… not so good situation or STATUS / happiness. Situation will have a way out. How… ??? Believing in that resolved. If we say we have a problem with that… abandon the fight with the situation.

In closing remember a moto

( Slightly modified )

„I’m not afraid to die,



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