> Friends and acquaintances have asked me several times, where I’ve been in Romania or outside Romania. That is why I wrote this article with/about and where I walked along the „adventure” of my past daily city where I was born and live – Arad, or beyond the country where I was born and live – Romania. I must say that I am not the first and will not be the last that was there, but are among those who have the chance or the joy of saying… I was there !!!

Some of you have participated with me or have contributed to them, these „adventures” or „crazy”. Therefore, if I WAS THERE and… YOU WERE THERE.

> In the adventure I WAS THERE, I considered „Know Your First WHY DOES YOUR COUNTRY PROVIDED”.

> I was in/through Bucovina in a special area that I was given to see and roam, where I spent part of their summer scool holidays in the village Horodistea (the northernmost town in Romania) and the „swimming” or fishing in river Prut.

> I was in/through the Zarand mountains and for the first time in a mountainous area in the first „escape” from daily living given by the city – Arad. Maybe for some people, the Zarand mountains are not spectacular, but can offer moments of relaxation and can be driven in any season.

> I was in/through the Tarcu mountains and Muntele Mic mountains, the first mountains that I go backpacking. It was „a good start” to get increasingly above the highest mountains. At first adventure through the Tarcu mountains and Muntele Mic mountains, I found the less traveled by tourists mountain. I went through these places and we managed to reach the highest peaks of these two mountains, Tarcu peak and Small Mountain peak.

> I was in/through the „Pearl of the Carpathians in Romania” –Retezat mountains, which will fascinate any tourist lover of movement in nature and especially mountain. I was impressed by the beautiful lakes and the freshwater of mountains, and especially when I managed to get first time on Retezat peak. Because these mountains are near the town of Arad, they made me come back several times to go through them and get to the highest peak, Peleaga.

> I was in/through the Piatra Mare mountains, because I wanted to get through the mountains farthest from Arad city, after I managed to discover only part of the mountain region of western Romania. For the first time, I saw it through the only part of Piatra Mare mountains, but seeing how beautiful these mountains are, we returned to discover everything they have to offer to tourists, getting on Piatra Mare peak.

> I was in/through the Piatra Craiului mountains, after I wandered Piatra Mare, because we were in an area that has a lot to offer the tourist village. For me it is the most difficult and spectacular mountains of Romania, the beauty of rock verticals, but can discover a rich and surprising mountain flora and fauna. A unique experience that prompted me to return in Piatra Craiului mountains to climb back up on La Om peak.

> I was in/through the Vilcan mountains,situations in the Jiu Valley, when you return to the city Arad, after I was in Piatra Mare mountains and Piatra Craiului mountains. If most tourists choose to climb in the tourist area Straja, we reached the area of Pasul Vilcan hut. I traveled a path where we had blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, blackberries and after reaching the Straja peak, where we could see the mountains Retezat, Sureanu, Paring. So much I liked this part of the Vilcan mountains that I returned several times.

> I was in/through the Paring mountains for the first time in the tourist area Ranca detected by fog on time not so ideal, only some of which can offer tourists these mountains. Wanting to discover all the beauty on Paring mountains, I returned many times, rejoicing that combines the beauty of landscapes with savages Retezat mountains and Fagaras mountains, getting to set foot on the Paringul Mare peak.

> I was in/through the Fagaras mountains, but during my first adventure in these mountains, I was not too pleasant a memory, poor weather route going back when I was about to discover Fagaras ridge wilderness. And just had to accept me Fagaras mountains whenever I decided to cross the tracks, even the day I managed to reach the Moldoveanu peak for the first time, the highest mountain peak in the Romanian Carpathians. If Retezat mountains are the most beautiful mountains and Piatra Craiului mountains are the most difficult mountains, Fagaras mountains will give mountain tourism a combination of the two mountains and that adding a wild and a ridge over 2000 meters altitude over a large portion of the ridge of the Fagaras Mountains.

> I was in/through the Sureanu mountains by for the first time in at their foot, not having the opportunity to see too many places that urged me to return. Swe few years, with a good knowledge of Sureanu mountains, I crossed and found places untravelled enjoyed my eyes. I was there, where was the beginning ROMANIAN PEOPLE, on the ancient citadel.

> I was in/through the Anina mountains, crossing Cheile Nerei, the longest and most spectacular mountain gorges in Romania, which I was delighted so much that I returned to it meets. Also in the area, I was on the Ochiul Beiului lake and Beusnitei waterfalls, two unique natural attractions which should be seen at least once.

> I was in/through walking across the Herculane resort and the Mehedinti mountains, with its spectacular gorges and reaching the Domogled peak, where I could see where are Cazane area. I returned several times through this mountain zone of Romania and in the end I was on the Cazanele Dunarii (Danube Boilers).

> I was in/through the Bucegi mountains because I have seen and heard about are just friends or acquaintances and TV. I can say that plateau Bucegi not impress me, but after walking around the Babele hut crossing on Crucea Caraimanului to get on Omu hut, I discovered that unique mountain that you like to see him again or travel. What I liked more than the hours spent at the cottage and Omu peak, the most beautiful moments of adventure through these mountains.

> I was in/through the Rodnei mountains, but unfortunately only on the bottom, because the bad weather „wanted” not to discover what has to offer the tourist. Even so, I noticed the gorgeous ridge few places that definitely will make me go through them with pleasure, only managed to see the Cailor waterfall.

> I was in/through the Trascau mountains when modern roads have not yet occurred and were not invaded by modernism current day.

> I was in/throughthe Metaliferi mountains, although at first sight appear to offer tourists something special. But this was combated my impression of what was given to me when I wandered discover.

> I was in/through the Padurea Craiului mountains, with good fortune to be led by a very good friend through only part of this mountain region. Besides the beauty of places, I was craving and especially undeveloped caves, they have explored and where it was mandatory to use caving equipment. The first impression I had left it these mountains, they were determined to keep returning and discovering other new places, especially the wonderful world of caves.

> I was in/through the Bihor-Vladeasa mountains in Padis area and Stana de Vale resort besides. Even though years have passed, some of the less traveled area of ​​Padis was kept up to discover myself. In Glavoiul of Padis, we found that spirit of freedom in the mountains, I found it to those who came over time in this mountainous area of ​​the Apuseni Mountains, „glavoienii”. Padis has it all, great lookout points on the peaks in the area, walking and unexplored caves, magical places, which is why I returned several times by Padis area. Unfortunately, Stana de Vale resort sank and damaged very much, just the surroundings offer the tourist places and on Poieni peak can say that you came to the mountains and nature, where to enjoy something beautiful.

> I was in / through the… mountains Codru Moma, Ignis, Poiana Rusca, Cindrel, Postavaru, Predeal, Diham.

> After I got to know and discover some places in Romania, especially in the mountain, I decided to get on the land.

> I was in/through the Alps mountains, where was „born” altitude climbing, in Chamonix on France – Europe, in the are where he made the first ascent of a important peak, Mont Blanc. Everything about mountaineering in Chamonix valley is unique and raid trails this side of the Alps, was extraordinary. All that success meant climbing Mont Blanc peak, was a climber adventure that challenged my whole experience in climbing and walking in the mountains of Romania.

> I was in/through the Kilimanjaro mountains, to discover snows on Kilimanjro and Tanzania in Africa. All that meant and gave me the continent „black” was a unique and special experience, especially taking part to know people. Along with those I have guided steps, we went through the semi-desert and rain forest, I came ash from the ancient eruption of volcanoes, I discovered and seen flora and fauna alpine, and eventually… I got on top Uhuru, the highest peak of the African continent, where I saw only part of the glacier that once covered the Kilimanjaro mountains.

> I was in/through the Andes mountains, an adventure through the wonderful solitary partially Ecuador – South America, discovering the „foolishness” of natural diversity and a unique flora and beautiful rainforests montana, waterfalls, volcanic peaks and inaccessible peaks. I was able to enjoy the local traditions and even participate in some of them, to know Ecuadorians. And finally Ecuadorian adventure, I managed to reach the highest mountain peak at its greatest absolute distance from the center of our planet – TERRA, volcano peak – Chimborazo.

> I was in/through the Black Sea (after being at great heights and depths of the earth) managing to reach the 0 to Earth. Since the large majority of „escape” my nature were in the mountains, the sea is not excited me as much, considering only the sunrise and the moon, the noise gave waves and the same state of mind apart in Vama Veche area – the „vamaioti”, mindset that I discovered in those Glavoi in Padis area – „glavoieni”.

> This is my adventure yet… I WAS THERE.

Photos I WAS THERE may be viewed at this link:


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