I – with/about C.O.D.

I – with/about C.O.D.



<>  Family Name: CISMAS


<>  Meaning: COD

<>  Acquaintances and friends i know under the pseudonym at „JAPAN”

<>  Date of birth: 27.06.1976

<> Marital status: Married since 2005 with MIHAELA MARIA in 2007 have a daughter, EDELINE CRISTIANA

<>  Education:

PRIMARY SCHOOL. Institution: School no. 21 Arad, 1982-1990

PROFESSIONAL. Institution: School Group no. 6 Arad, 1990-1993, carpenter-floorer profile. Diploma: Graduate in carpentry-floorer

HIGH. Institution: Forest School Group Arad, 1993-1996, mathematics and physics profile. Awarded: Baccalaureate

COLLEGE. Institution: West University „Vasile Goldis” Arad, 1998-1999, profile travel agent. Unfinished

Course. Institution: Red Cross National Society in Romania – Arad Branch, 2003 Diploma: Graduate reparation for first aid

Course. Institution: Ministry of Labor, Social Solidarity and Family of Romania – Arad Branch / Ministry of Education in Romania – Arad Branch, 2014. Diploma: Safety Inspector

<>  Professional experience:

1993-1996 at ARCONS ARAD; function: Carpenter-floorer

1998-1999 at TRAVEL AGENCY SIRIUS ARAD; function: Travel Agent

1999-present at LEONI ARAD – ROMANIA; function:

  1. 1999-200, assembly operator Wiring electric, electric test stops
  2. 2000-2009, quality controls and laboratory technician
  3. 2009-present, technician SHE and PM

<>  Other skills: Operation Microsoft programs

<>  Membership in professional associations:

1995-2002 > I was member on part of the „MOUNTAIN TOURISM ASSOCIATION” ARADdepartment of tourism „FRIENDS of ZARAND” ARAD;

                                          atm-arad-sigla        amicii-zarandului-sigla (82 x 96)

2002-2008 > I was member part of the „MOUNTAIN TOURISM ASSOCIATION” ARADdepartment climbing „PHEONIX” ARAD;

                                          atm-arad-sigla       phoenix-sigla (73 x 96)

2008-2010 > Member sympathizer in „CONDOR CLUB” ARAD;


2011 > Co-founder of group G.T. „TRAVELL WITH US” ARAD – Mountain & Nature



2013 > Co-founder of events „THURSDAY at Cărtureşti ARAD” in Teahouse Carturesti of ATRIUM CENTER ARAD ARAD

<>  Other relevant information:

From childhood I walked the mountains and in nature accompanied by family, relatives and friends;

In primary school we had Ms. Rosu Silvia Tutor, specialization in Biology, which organized the trip to the mountains, where I participated;

In high school I enrolled in „Mountain Tourism Association” Arad, which I paricipat specific mountain at various competitions, achieving beautiful results, the most important being the National Champion of „Leagues Carpathian of Romania – Friends of Mountains” to junior year 1996.

I served in the military to „Alpine Corps” of mountain troops from Ghimbav in Brasov.

We covered most of the major mountain routes Romania.

I have so far failed to climb the peaks of three continents, which are part of the „5 PEAKS – 5 CONTINENTS”. The rise of five peaks on five continents aims to publicize the movement in nature among young people as an alternative to leisure, which besides joy and pleasure to breathe fresh air, to see beautiful scenery, help maintaining good health and develop strong characters:

> In 2007, I succeeded to ascent/climbing the highest mountain in the Alps and one of the highest peaks of the European continent, the summit of Mont Blanc at 4810m, in the Alps. Media Coverage about climbing Mont Blanc, pictures and diar, published in “Friends of Nature”, in the national and international publication of the company where I work, blog and social networking page, website carpati.org and magazine “Click for Women”. Local and national media coverage of the Mont Blanc ascent.

1. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc adventure summary-movies:


In 2009, I succeeded to do the first mountain aventure and ascent/climbimg for the city and county of Arad, one of the highest African continent’s peak, the summit of Uhuru at 5895m, in the Kilimanjaro massif, along with journalist Adrian Moldovan. Media Coverage of Kilimanjaro adventure film, schools, children’s palaces, houses of culture, clubs business, etc. Pictures, videos journal and in national and international publication of the company where I work, blog and social networking page, website carpati.org and magazine “Click for Women”. Great coverage in the local and national press abouth Kilimanjaro adventure.

2. Kilimanjaro

Uhuru-Kilimanjaro adventure summary-movies:


> In 2014, I succeeded to do the first ascent/climbimg for the city and county of Arad, during an adventure partially solitary, of the highest mountain peak at its greatest absolute distance from the center of our planet – TERRA, the summit of Chimborazo at 6310m, in the Andes of Ecuador – South America.

3. Chimborzo

Pictures of Ecuadorian adventure:


> A short video presentation of these successes can be viewed by accessing the following link:




> In the future I want to get on the Asian continent, in an attempt to climb/ascent a peak of over 7000 m altitude.

I drove and lead groups of tourists in the mountains and nature through Romania.

Passionate about photography

<>  Contact:

E- mail: japan_ovi_ar@yahoo.com

Blog: https://codmunte.wordpress.com


Social Site : http://www.facebook.com/ovidiudaniel.cismas

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