In attention to the  Mrs. / Mr. Manager.

Dear Mrs. / Dear Mr.

My name is Cismas Ovidiu Daniel, i’m from Arad – Romania and this year I want to achieve two mountain adventures, which include speleology and ascent/climbing, one on the Asian continent and the second in North America. My main/goal objective is to ascent/climb two volcanic peaks from the program „7 VOLCANOES” which is part of a personal project „5 PEAKS – 5 CONTINENTS” as a premiere for the city and county of Arad – Romania. So far I have managed to ascent/climb three major peaks, on the European, African and South American continent.

I contacted you because I am looking for colaboration partners in this media opportunity and whom want to achieve this mountain adventures with me on the two continents, enjoying the final ascent/climbing success at the two volcanic peaks.

Since I have more than 20 years of mountaineering experience, the success of the other three mountain adventures and previous mountain ascents/climbings, I confidently approach the achievement of these objectives, following the motto: „I CAN, BECAUSE… I WANT. I SUCCEED, BECAUSE… I BELIEVE!” – Cismas Ovidiu Daniel.

The movie from down contains some details of these two mountain adventures and after viewing the information, I will be glad and will appreciate if you contact me to discuss further details of how this collaboration will be beneficial for both parties.

If the decision-making process regarding a potential collaboration depends and others people, please redirect my message and to these people.

Also, if you believe in your address list may exist potential collaborators which I do not I contacted, please send this message and these people.

Thank you for your patience spent on reading my message.

Regards, Cismas Ovidiu Daniel



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